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1995 - Developed by Seven; Produced by Universal Interactive


The 3DO M2 version of Disruptor was the first and only project by Seven, an Irvine-based company named after the number of partners. Work on it started around June of 1995 but was already stopped in December of the same year because the still-unfinished development hardware caused too much frustration – the 3DO M2 simply was not ready to develop for at that time. Disruptor for M2 got as far as having the first level in memory viewable (but not playable) and a working 3D animation system for the enemy characters.

Source credits: Gregg Tavares

Game Credits

Programmer: John Alvarado, Ron Mar, Gregg Tavares
Artist: Barry Pringle Jr., Brandon Alan Humphreys, Willis Wong
Producer: Barry Pringle Sr.


No screenshots of the M2 version exist. The following are mockups based on the PlayStation version: