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IMSA World Championship Racing

1995/1997 - Developed and Produced by Studio 3DO


IMSA World Championship Racing was probably the most promising game for the 3DO M2 platform, and the only one that almost reached completion – even the cover artwork was already done. Some final tuning and tweaking would have been required, and the game never passed any sort of certification, but apart from that, it was more or less ready to ship with all the intended features implemented. According to the people who worked on it, it was about 95% complete when Matsushita pulled the plug on the ill-fated M2 video game system.

At the “Gamers' Day” event held by 3DO in May 1997, selected members of the press got the chance not only to see the game but also to play it, and they were impressed. Described as outclassing any consoles available at the time and being even slightly more impressive than 3Dfx-powered PCs, with extraordinarily clean textures and no visible pop-in, IMSA World Championship Racing included features such as realistic physics and handling, pre-race track tutorials, an instant-replay function, real-time damage and lighting, a dynamic soundtrack, four different camera angles, brake lights, and a steady frame rate of 30 fps at a screen resolution of 640×480 pixels.

The game has been preserved in the form of two dumps of the near-final build from May 1997. Due to the game's usage of the IMSA license, we are not able to provide a download, however.

Additional source credits: Ed Rotberg, Natalie Burgess