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1995/1996 - Developed and Produced by Take 2 Interactive


Here we have an AD&D-based fighting game which was in development for various platforms, including the 3DO M2, Sony PlayStation, and PC. It started life as Ironblood but was later renamed to Iron & Blood, eventually with the subtitle “Warriors of Ravenloft” added. The game was a rather mediocre beat'em up and the versions released for PC and PlayStation did not receive much attention, nor high ratings. Features included 16 playable characters, over 250 moves and combos, as well as 64 weapons and mystical artifacts.

As for the fate of the M2 version, a former employee of 3DO who shall remain anonymous told us:

Take 2 did get the game running enough to take screenshots. After I&B tanked, they stopped development. 3DO (not Studio) bought the unfinished game not to publish but to test the dev environment and to show devs how easy the M2 was to develop for. I worked at 3DO in the Systems group on the pipeline and spent a few weeks of spare time porting Iron & Blood. The demo turned out pretty well and was used when 3DO pitched MX to Nintendo. Miyamoto saw the demo and was impressed (perhaps inspired) and said something like “What else can M2 do that the N64 can't?”.

The game is mostly preserved. Various builds of it have been found – dating from October 1996 to December 1996. Only the original build by Take 2 Interactive seems to be lost. Not a big loss, however, as it was merely “two guys on a grey background running at about 2 fps”.



Screenshots from a straight port of the PlayStation version: